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Win the Gym! selected as the Nr. 1 useful Pokémon Tool

9 August, 2016

Win the Gym! is very proud to have been selected as the Number 1. useful tool by the most influential UK Pokémon Go website Pokémon Go Tips. We continue to work hard to make Win the Gym! an updated and useful experience for our visitors. We thank all Pokémon players that use Win the Gym! on a daily basis for the continued trust placed in us!

Win the Gym! adds the 'Evolver'

3 August, 2016

Win the Gym! is proud to announce the launch of the 'Evolver', a state-of-the-art Pokémon evolution analytics tool. The tool helps you to calculate how hitting this "Evolve" button will affect your Pokémon's CP level. The calculations are based on the most current Pokémon statistics. As always, the tool is kept simple and easy to use for users on all browers and devices, so that you can use it on the GO! To get started, select the Pokémon you want to evolve and input its current CP. Based on this, our tool will calculate an average CP and a CP range for the evolved Pokémon. Go check out the Evolver now!

Special Fast Moves and Special Moves now available on Win the Gym!

2 August, 2016

Win the Gym! has added a further key functionality to its core Pokémon selection tool. By clicking on a single Pokémon in the suggestions page, it is now possible to easily display the Pokémon's type, its weaknesses and its best fast and best special move. Go check it out now!

New Release with Detailed Type Advantage Breakdown

1 August, 2016

Win the Gym! has worked very hard to provide more granular data for each Pokémon suggestion. By clicking on the information button in the selection page, it now possible to get an explaination as to why a particular Pokémon is suggested for a given opponent. Go check it out now!

Almighty Vaporeon Nerfed by 40%

31 July, 2016

Pokémon GO players may have noticed that many of the most coveted gyms are increasingly occupied by Vaporeons. The water-based Pokémon, which can be evolved from an Eevee for 25 candies, has come to dominate many gyms in this still very early phase of the game.

One reason for this is the ubiquity of Eevees, which makes the evolution comparatively cheap as Eevees are much more frequently encountered compared to the more exotic types (such as Dratini and Snorlax). Furthermore, Vaporeon's bread and butter move is its water gun move. This is one of the most effective basic attacks out there, which has inarguably been misspecified by Niantic in the first release. It has been such an overpowering move that its elemental strength is such that it can even hold its own against electric Pokémon, which it’s supposed to be weak against. This overpowering nature of Vaporeon has led to much disappointment among the established Pokémon community.

Win the Gym! is calculating the gym suggestions according to its classic type strengths and has therefore not yet included this Pokémon Go! specific advantage. However, over the last couple of days Win the Gym! has been approached on multiple occasions by Pokémon enthusiasts with the request to always include Vaporeon in our suggested attacker list. We have up to now refrained from doing so. As it turns out, this decision might just have been the right one, as recent reports suggest that Vaporeons homerun move, Water Gun, has just been nerfed by 40%.

The Hells Angels Gyms

26 July, 2016

In Canada, a Pokémon Go gym in Coquitlam is getting some special attention. This is because the gym is placed directly in the Hells Angels clubhouse of the club's Vancouver chapter. The building on Brunette Avenue apparently serves as the Vancouver chapter headquarters. The spokesperson for the Hells Angels Vancouver chapter seems to be everything but pleased with the fact of it not being an integral part of the hit game. "That's pretty weird," he said to the Vancouver News Channel CTV News "I don't know why they would do that.". So for anyone looking for an actual rather than a digital fight at the gym, I would suggest you bring your best Vaporeon and head down to Coquitlam ;)

The Great Magikarp Flood

25 July, 2016

Gyms are supposed to be conquered by the best trainers and hence occupied by only the most prestigious Pokémon. However, it appears that gyms everywhere are getting stuffed with low-value Magikarps, a phenomenon already widely referred to as “Karping”.

This trend can have many reasons. Some trainers just like the hilarious sight of a Magikarp gym leader that has no chance of keeping its position for any length of time. At other occasions, the Magikarp has just been deposited to insult the defeated team.

For those of you battling at the gyms with the help of Win the Gym!, I think its time to offload some of these Magikarps. Happy Karping!

Japan launches with McDonalds Gyms

22 July, 2016

Because of server problems and a late start of Japan's school holidays, Japan had to wait until now for the launch of Pokémon Go. However, now that it finally launches, it launch will be accompanied by a big ticket fast-food sponsorship deal. It appears that McDonald's will sponsor some 3000 gyms and in-game locations. With all the burned calories from hatching these Pokémon Go eggs, the net effect on Japanese obesity levels among hardcore gamers is thus unclear ;) Win the Gym! welcomes Japan: 歯茎に勝つためにこのウェブサイトを使用します.

Hilary Clinton holding campaign event at Pokémon Go gym

16 July, 2016

As if the absurdities surrounding Pokémon Go could not get any more surreal, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is holding a campaign event at a Pokémon Go gym. Its at Madison Park in Lakewood, OH. Besides being a gym, it's also a Pokéstop. "Join us as we go to the Pokéstop in Madison Park and put up a lure module, get free pokémon, and battle each other while you register voters and learn more about Sec. Hillary Clinton!!! Kids welcome!". We kindly advises the presidential nominee to use Win the Gym! to select her Pokémon if Donald Trump shows up with his high CP Vaporeon.

Pokémon Go players can now suggest gyms

14 July, 2016

Pokémon Go players now have the chance to file request for new Pokestops and Gyms with Niantec. The company now has forms available for players to request new locations. The real-world landmarks chosen as Gyms and PokeStops at the moment are still based on the data collected for Niantic's Ingress.

Property law lawyers puzzled by Pokémon Go gyms

12 July, 2016

When Boon Sheridan decided to convert an old church to build his new house, he almost certainly didn't expect it to become a hotspot for Pokémon trainers a few years down the road. Unfortunately for him, this is exactly what happened. After the stratospheric spread of Niantic's Pokémon Go game, his house was marked a gym. On twitter he complained "Can’t wait to talk to my neighbors about it. So, all these people pulling up at all hours? We don’t know them… and we can’t stop it." This case is a perfect example of how the digital overlay created by Pokémon Go is increasingly affecting the physical spaces of residents. At the moment there is not much property lawyers can do about it. We suggest that Boon Sheridan uses Win the Gym! to defend his house and gym!

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